Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cause and Effect of Illegal Logging

                              Trees are the largest of all plants. Trees help us from extreme of climates like heat, cold and wind and create an environment where animal and human can live comfortable. Trees have an important role in carbon cycle trees remove bad chemical pollutants that can harm our nervous system there are many use of trees in our daily living cause of illegal logging is to get some woods to create and build houses, schools,buildings,and establishment.
                             But illegal logging are always causing many impacts in our environment the Illegal logging is increasing year by year the destruction of animals habitat, flash floods, lack of resources and the global warming are the cause. Habitat destruction, trees that usually used for animals to live is no more. Animals should work hard to survive as we know that they should live in special condition. So as soon as possible they will be dead and the endangered animals will be increase maybe soon there are many animals that you cannot see anymore.
                               There are many impacts of illegal logging in our forest and community specially in the air carbon dioxide releasing by the car affect our ozone layer and the solution for this is to plant and to grow trees to absorb all the bad air in our community. Trees absorb carbon dioxide that release by the cars and factories even burning of the garbage affect our ozone layer. If we plant more trees and care for them our problem in the ozone layer.
                             Illegal logging can affect also our climate when the ozone layer is so thin,the ultraviolet rays become trapped on our atmosphere and can cause global warming, devastating storms thus affecting our community.Because of global warming the ice caps on the polar regions are at risk of liquefaction where the sea level of the world would rise at hundreds of  meters!! Making many low lying island(like Hawaii) and cities(like Manila) around the world to submerge.Other than that,the decrease in forest can affect the balance of nature greatly affecting man,animal and the world itself.With global warming ultraviolet rays coming from the sun can harm our skin and can cause certain illness like cancer.
                                Illegal logging is a big problem of our country but we can help our country and our community by simple planting of trees and educate people on what's the effect of illegal logging in our earth.Proper authorities should also take actions on this big situation proper management and authorization should be done to the people.Laws and regulations should be strictly abide by the people,if not the government should be strict in executing penalty to the lawbreakers.Environment is the most important factor in a country so it should be severe punishment for those who will not follow.Moreover it is us people should learn how to follow and be responsible for the environment,the world,our habitat.Responsibility is the key.



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